Our approach to the market is characterized by our know-how, experience, and passion for challenges

Our business activities are focused on trading, wholesale and supply of natural gas and power all over European markets. The Company has a deep knowledge on structured products and services (in particular with a duration up to 12 months). Our “operations & logistics” team guarantees the precise operational execution of each deal, thanks to its competences and the strenght of tens of transportation and storage arrangements – all over Europe. Our nature as an independent company gives us freedom to move with flexibility, ensuring a 24/7 support system to our counterparties, with our principal goal of providing only the best of solutions.


Alpherg operates as a natural gas merchant in more than 15 European Countries.
The Gas Business Group may be subdivided into three main business lines:

  • Gas Sales: buy and sell side activity on both prompt and forward markets, all originated by the sales desk. Sales are subdivided into two categories:  Flows: with delivery that take place on the international virtual gas trading hubs. Mainly forward contracts; Industrials/Wholesale: with delivery to end user’s own plant or municipal gate delivery point.
  • Gas Trading: physical and financial trades executed on international virtual gas trading hubs and physical delivery points as well as on OTC markets, to cover and manage sales volumes and optimize storage and transportation facilities.
  • Gas Transit and Storage: contracted short term transportation and storage capacities, managed by the Trading and Logistics desks.


In the LNG business, Alpherg can rely on Trafigura’s recognized solid know-how and global reach (Trafigura is the world’s leading independent trader, with over 8.1 M metric tonnes of LNG in 2017) but also on the experience that ENOI’s has gained throughout the years in Italy and Europe.


The company trades physical power in all main European markets namely: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany (via EPEX and IPEX). Alpherg can also make financial trades over all the rest of Europe as an EEX market participant.
This allows us to offer our customers interesting options with a wide geographical scope, as well as various reliable and flexible solutions. Furthermore, Alpherg buys and sells transport capacity through specialized platforms which are at our customers’ disposal.