Our competencies and our connections on the most relevant European markets allow Clients to benefit of the most innovative opportunities available.


In addition to trading and wholesales activities, Alpherg supplies natural gas and power to large industrial customers and resellers, allowing them to be directly connected to the most relevant international energy markets.

Resellers can access Alpherg’s supply capacities through an innovative digital platform (“EnergySuite | Smart Supply”), a business-to-business e-commerce, where clients can buy energy easily and pricing off of a wide range of formulas (fixed or different index-linked prices).

Clients (Industrials or Resellers) with index-linked contracts can choose «fixing options» and manage their supply through a specific digital solution named “EnergySuite | Smart Portfolio Mgmt”.

Alpherg has solid experience in the management of resellers’ needs, acquired in the years as ENOI has founded and grown two downstream companies (Compagnia Energetica Italiana SpA and Spienergy SpA – both of which have recently been sold).


Alpherg purchases between 1-100 MW of power from different types of power generation plants such as: wind, solar, cogeneration, biomass, and hydroelectric.
Our offer is transparent and simple, and is void of administrative, balancing, and transportation costs, as well obligations to communicate production forecasts.
Alpherg is able to make “tailor made” offers, at fixed or indexed prices, and structured per hub or specific time horizon if needed. The offers are personalized based on the requirements of each producers and their risk profiles.
The portfolio is strategically diversified per type of production plant and geographical area.