Well-known shareholders with decades of business history in the energy commodity markets.

Alpherg can leverage distinguished experience and competitive positioning that ENOI has gained across all main European energy markets (1,000+ TWh traded, 35+ bln. € of revenues developed, 300,000+ deal done) and the unique global outlook that Trafigura has proven to master throughout its multiple and successful businesses (one of the largest physical commodities trading groups in the world, offices in 35 countries, over USD 180 billion revenues in the last financial year).


The Company has implemented a system of governance in which different corporate bodies interact systematically, each with its own functions, to ensure that the company may prosper and sustain all of its shareholders.

Board of Directors
Renato Rossi (Managing Director), Holtum Richard Jonathan, Emmanuele Moiana

Board of Auditors
Beatrice Gallì (Chairman), Lorenzo Galli, Daniela Pasquarelli


The committee is responsible for defining client portfolio management strategies as well as monitoring their activities and supervising counterparty credit policies. The committee is also in charge of reviewing and approving all relevant investment opportunities.


Alpherg is constantly exposed to a series of risks such as volatile market and currency prices, counterparty risk and operational ones too. All of these risks are managed by a team which reports to the Chief Risk Officer.

Firm of Auditors

The audit of the financial statements and consolidated financial statements of the Company, as well as periodic auditing, was conferred to the auditing firm BDO Italia S.p.A. (appointment until 31.3.2022)


Our business is based on trust. Therefore, for us, transparency is fundamental.